Favorite India Tour Packages: Explore North India this winters

    Winters in many parts of northern India are cold. But this does not deter the aspiring tourist from venturing out to new places to experience the thrill and frill. With some planning and taking help of the well known travel companies, the person can choose one of the Favorite India Tour Packages. It can be an exploration of the North East Mountains or probably the sandy deserts of Rajasthan. There are hundreds of small and big packages offered by innumerous travel operators in the country. The reputed agencies also provide customized packages to ensure that their clients can get maximum satisfaction and happiness from the travel.

    Availing the best options

    The travel operators do offer innumerous tour options and packages to select from, depending upon the purpose of the visit. North Indian travel itinerary comprising of Delhi Jaipur Agra Tours is one of the top availed package. 

    Rajasthan holiday package

    This package takes the tourist to different cities spread across the state. One such city is Jaipur, the state capital and the pink city as all the houses inside the old walled city is painted in pink color. This city also thrives with festivities that surround the royal palaces. Teeming majestic monuments and cultural richness, the traditional dance and music which are part of the citizens here is what charms the tourists. The chattering of village girls and pink turbans worn by the village men-folk do create mixed emotions.

    Exploring Delhi

    Delhi, the capital city of the country is well known for its innumerous historical monuments that were constructed during the Rajput and Mughal rule. There are several destinations of historical importance that shows the grandeur of art and architecture of the place.

    Enticing Agra

    The ‘Taj Mahal’, one of the most important heritage in the country and the most respected and love symbol of the world is visited by tourists of all ages and from all parts of the globe. Political personalities and celebrities do make it a point to make this monument a stop over to get mesmerized by it and understand the meaning of love that it depicts. 

    Conclusion: There are various holiday packages that are offered by tour operators depending upon the season, preference and budget. Availing the right one is sure to help the tourist to enjoy the tour thoroughly.

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