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Shopping in India
The Indian craftsmen are no doubt perfecting their art for centuries. Silk, jewellery and other Indian products are widely desired and this can be realized by you only when you visit India just for the purpose of shopping. Realizing the importance of the various Indian products, Indian Memoirz brings to you the Shopping India Tour Package which will enable you to discover the exotic and attractive products of India.

Jewellery in India : Jewellery is traditionally heavy and elaborate. Indian silverwork is world famous. Gems include diamonds, lapis lazuli, Indian star rubies, star sapphires, moonstones and aquamarines. As we mention about jewellery, the first name comes to our mind is Jaipur.

Fabrics in India : Indian Fabrics are popular throughout the world and this is one reason why India is referred to as the ultimate shopping paradise and silk is one of the most famous fabrics in India. Among the different varieties of silks, the brocade silks of Varanasi is the most popular, and other major center of silk are Patna, Surat, Murshidabad and Kanchipuram. Rajasthan is known for its famous “tie and die” designed cotton fabrics which are brilliantly colorful that makes the fabric even more attractive. Chennai known for its cotton fabric which also provides you an attractive bleeding effect after you wash them few times. Throughout the country, you can also find the Himroo cloth which is a blend of silk and cotton and the fabric is also decorated with patterns. Kashmir is undoubtedly famous for its woolen materials particularly the Kashmiri Shawls. Indian Holidays Travel offers you a wonderful chance to explore all these fabrics in India which will help you shop in a better way.

Stone and Marble Inlay Work in India : The outstanding stone crafts of India is another form of Indian handicraft that brings the name of Indian artistry to the world fame. Indian artisans are skilled in making cut, shaped, and polished beautiful objects from odd blocks of stone and

Floor Covering in India : Handicrafts like floor coverings and carpets are excellent items glorifying the rooms for centuries. Indian carpets are the most suitable for all purpose and need.

Wood Craft in India : Wooden Handicraft has been a style statement of the Indian community for centuries. It exhibits the tradition of exquisite natural beauty, elaborate woodwork

Pottery in India : The handicraft products made here shows the immense talent and artistic thinking of the Indian people. The excellent handmade pottery and clayware in India is gaining fame and popularity in the world for its innovative designs.

Metal Craft in India : Some of the finest metal works is the use enameled silver which is used for everything from pillboxes to figurines. Brass enamel is less expensive, and more prevalent from tabletops to dancing peacocks, caparisoned elephants, dancing camels, swords and shields

Paintings in India : As one, opens the cultural basket of India, the first treasure comes out is the excellent paintings. Apart from the globally acclaimed painters, India is also rich with the traditional rural paintings, like Madhubani Paintings of Bihar.

Textile in India : One of the India’s main industries is textiles. Extreme softness, vivid colors and translucent texture characterize the most famous silk weaving of India. Brocade Silk from Varanasi is the most famous. Rajasthan cotton with its distinctive tie and dye design is brilliant and colorful, while Chennai cotton is quite attractive.

Furniture in India : Indian furniture made of wood; metal and cane are famous in the world for its exquisite craftwork. A stylish wooden chair and a bed with decorative artwork gives a royal look to the room.

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